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O'Connell Digital Ads Named Best SEO Agency in Siouxland 2023

Scored on more than 25 variables across five categories, O'Connell Digital Ads LLC has been chosen as a top SEO Agency in Sioux City, Iowa.

Wow, what an incredible honor to be in this position! In less than 5 months of the business being announced publicly, O'Connell Digital Ads has now been named one of the best SEO agencies in Siouxland for 2023 by Its moments like these that really take me back as a business owner and reflect on all the progress truly made.

Flash back to this time (December) of 2019: in my 8-5 corporate dream job in marketing and communications working for the newest and one of the largest employers in town, collaborating on projects with parent companies, community leaders, politicians, IA Economic Development team, associations, big news outlets and national magazines, and community driven projects. It was exciting, yet, there was a nagging need for a different dream instead of the fairy tale dream job. In 2019, I had an awakening.

The awakening? Two things:

1) I realized my skills and abilities in the industry was at a much higher level than I had originally thought once the curtains were pulled back and the unknown was seen. I grew so much confidence in my abilities and truly took pride in my work.

2) I realized how male dominated the corporate world could be and how much harder women worked for the same seat at the table. I realized I could really make a difference for women who decide to take the path less traveled in entrepreneurship and looking to break this cycle.

January 16th, 2020

O'Connell Digital Ads LLC was born. Discretely of course working only with closest and trusted friends. How appreciative I am of these first steps and first clients for not only trusting in me but letting me grow while working them!

Slowly, the dream job changed from corporate job to entrepreneurship and in November of 2020, I quit the corporate dream job to focus on my family and continue entrepreneurship. A year and half went by focusing on perfecting skills and creating a solid marketing plan while balancing family pulls and continuing to work with trusted friends as clients.

Then, we announced!

September 8th, 2022 O'Connell Digital Ads LLC was officially seen by the world! I continue to be overwhelmed by the outpouring of support contractually and collaboratively. 4 short months later I would have never guessed we would be one of the top SEO agencies in the area.

So, Here's the Scoop:

O'Connell Digital Ads helps business professionals and entrepreneurs grow leads more efficiently and affordably through website design and digital marketing in Sioux City, Iowa and beyond. We help clients be found online by using strategic SEO strategies and optimizing websites to rank them higher on platforms like Google and Bing taking the design-first, code second approach for a better user experience. ODA also helps clients boost sales, grow qualified leads, and increase revenue using time-proven marketing frameworks and builds personalized marketing playbooks that combining paid media and owned media that works within client budgets. Tori O'Connell, the company's CEO, brings over seven years of marketing experience working for large corporations, utilizing her expertise and knowledge to help women-owned businesses grow.

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